Dance Of Life

We recently installed this magnificent grouping of windows. The whole window is an expansive flow of color, light and emotion.  The client added tidbits of symbolism each time we installed a new piece to this puzzle of exuberance. He called it a Dance of Life from the organic bamboo looking glass at the bottom to the creation and reaching of life through bold and vibrant colors toward the center. It culminates at the top with a contention between Heaven and Hell where the goodness of Heaven is victorious. He calls the victory "Glorious".  I had so much fun designing this window and David and I enjoyed building it. Our son helped with the installation and we appreciate his expertise. After the installation I had to raise my arms in a yoga salutation in gratitude to all the creative powers that make it possible to build such inspiring artwork.

David did a video of the install on YouTube click here to go to it 

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