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Books I Recommend To Artists

5 Serve

4 Do Social Media

3 Do Your Networking

2 Create Press Releases

1 Get Out Of The Studio

5 Be Prepared For Mixed Results

4 Pricing

3 Know Who Will Be Judging And Attending The Show

2 Create An Intriguing Display

1 Gear Your Art To The Venue

5 Success and Struggles At Various Art Shows

5 The Process Can Be A Lot Like Meditation

4 It Can Be Social

3 Hard To Get Bored

Steps 1 & 2 Multi Level Art - You Can Build A Design by Someone Else

Five Reasons That Stained Glass Is Great Art Therapy

5-Be Professional

4-Have Enough Work

3-Be Flexible

2-Meet The Owner

1-Check Out Galleries

5. Perceived As Expensive