4 Pricing

This week I talk about 5 successes and struggles we've learned from at various art shows. We try different art venues and there are many to chose from. 

Fourth, you'll need to consider your pricing. If the fair has substantial fees, you need to have priced your work accordingly. Gallery's sometimes take a percentage and you need to remember that when pricing your work.

You need to take less expensive work to the Farmers Market and Craft fairs. You simply display the right work for the venue. 

Pricing is a video in itself. The more you show, the more you will be known and folks will be happy to pay a fair price for your work. Remember, Your art is important and worth while so you don't need to apologize for a fair price. Folks may try to bargain with you and that is your choice.  If you are affiliated with a gallery they may insist that you charge the same amount for your work at an art market or at their establishment. Check your contract.

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