Steps 1 & 2 Multi Level Art - You Can Build A Design by Someone Else

As we discuss in the video, 5 reasons that Stained Glass is good for art therapy, 

1. Stained Glass Is A Multi Level Art, meaning that if you are coming in as an expert you can do good work, but if you're coming in as a beginner, you can also do good work. Both levels of stained glass artists can build something that will be satisfying and beautiful.

2. You can build a pattern Someone Else Designed, that person may have been able to create a design which will be easy to cut and fit. It will look right and have all the correct vanishing lines, all the things that other artists need to study before they can be successful.

We've had many students who first built our designs and then came up with their own. One beginning student entered a second panel into the Utah State Fair and took 2nd in the Professional category.

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