I experienced two days of a three day cleanse. It was successful but I stopped short of my goal since I would be leaving the house which would make things challenging. I am giving my eating habits more focus. I want to create my diet to be more harmonious with my Ayurveda dosha.

I also entered a piece in the Spring Salon at the Springville Art Museum. It is a beautiful collaboration with Anne Gregorson who is a fabulous artist. We will know next week if we got in. I also finished a window entitled "No Regrets". It is inspired by Arthur Hugh's classic painting of Ophelia. This one is being entered in the Covey Center for the Arts Showcase.

I am working on some windows to put in the Zions Art Show on May 17. There are wonderful things happening. I am preparing for abundance and prosperity in all aspects of my life. The one constant is my yoga practice. That keeps me grounded and flexible.

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