Teaching The BIG Stained Glass Class

This last week was a whirlwind of teaching classes. Every night I had a full class but none to rival the Thursday class. There were 15 students in our little studio.It was a challenge to give each student the attention they deserved but I think everyone had a fun and creative time. They were very nice ladies from the BYU athletic department.

 It was a blessing to have had experience teaching many classes before so I could plan ahead and make the class as beneficial as possible to such a large group. I was reminded of the recent yoga class I was asked to teach at the last minute. I felt okay during the flow but then was at a loss when it came to finishing the class with some natural progression poses. We finished early and the students were understanding, but I realized that pre-planning is important to me until I feel more confidant. I soon hope to feel as comfortable teaching yoga as I do stained glass.

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