Another Opening, another show.

I have recently entered two juried shows with some stained glass windows. It's exciting and nerve racking as I wait for the decision to see if I am accepted. I love to meet other artists as we leave our art work at the museum or gallery and smile at one another. We know what the other is thinking. "Well, here's to hoping."

Another reason I love to run into artists at those events is that I feel privileged to rub shoulders with them. They are a creative and enthusiastic group of friends who are working at the same business as myself. Instead of feeling competitive we are all cheering each other on. "Good Luck, I hope you get in" we say to one another. And when I do get to share wall space with these artists, I am in the company of great people. I guess that's why I can never give up on my art. I have to continue to break and fuse glass because it makes me happy. When I reach" fame and fortune" it will be icing on the cake and I will return to the studio to start yet another window with the fresh and exuberant eyes of a beginner of a new project.

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