Conceptual Art

The pieces of glass that I can attach meaning to are the most important to me. The first time I really attempted to do this is when I began building panels for the book,"Mandalas for Meditation". Each window  had an essay explaining the reason for the design. The most recent conceptual piece also inspired a poem.

My Grandson, Nik, asked me if he could take some pictures of my art glass and add a poem to go with them. I loved that idea and realized that I was doing that all along. This new window is called "Beyond the Sun". I was thinking of Icarus flying too close to the heat of the sun, melting the wax on his feathers and plunging into the sea. I find myself in that situation on occasion.

For instance in yoga, I convince myself that I can stretch just a little farther than I have before and end up pulling a muscle. Or I come up with a (so called) brilliant idea for glass only to get a confused look from David wondering what he is going to do with me. There is a fine line between pushing too hard and becoming too complacent. This year I want to reach higher, but keep my feet on the ground.

I was thinking about all the changes in the world in the lifetime of my Great Grandmother. Then I thought, Wow, think of the changes in the world in my lifetime. What can I do to put my signature on the world? My intention is to make 75 windows in 2015, each one with a significance to my life. It will be an extra bonus if I sold a few. I also started to teach yoga twice a week at Bodi Yoga. Stretching , yes, pulling muscles, no.

Today is a beautiful winter day. I have healthy children, beautiful Grandchildren, a husband who loves me and art to help me tell the story.


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