Ideas for using Stained Glass in decorating

I would like to give you some great ideas to use Stained glass in your decorating. Sure, you already know that panels look fantastic in the window. I hope to inspire you to think of other places to put your glass art. When David built our hearth, he planned to have some spaces where little glass panels could be installed. They are lovely all the time but when the light is turned on behind He installed LED lights behind them and they are in a metal frame so the lights can be replaced if necessary. The design is inspired by the tile he installed in the fireplace. We ordered the tile from New Zealand because we loved the Art Nouveau style. Fireplaces are a great place for stained glass. Some homes have small windows on either side of the fire box or bookshelves flanking the mantle. I will show you some other ideas in following blog entries. I encourage you to be creative and look for different places for your art glass. For more ideas go to


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