Begin Again

August was a time of new starts, new challenges and new acquisitions. My son started hiking the Pacific coast trail. He is traveling southbound from Washington to .. where ever he lands. I think he is somewhere in Oregon today.
 My husband started a new Job, we got a new car and I added another job to my already busy schedule. Life keeps on pulling us forward into new experiences and lessons.
Stained glass is still my passion. I am building windows for a show in October depicting the 7 continents. The theme of the show is "Global Glass". Today I foiled "Aboriginal Song" from Australia, and started cutting out "American Prairie"  from North America. I already have Africa, Europe and South America finished. I still have Asia and Antarctica to go. I still have a few weeks before my deadline. Two have been a show at the Covey Center for the Arts and two are now in a show at the Scera Gallery. If the timing works out, one will be in the Spiritual and Religious show at the Springville Art Museum. It's great fun.
Africa - Shades of Motherhood
Africa - My Sister, my Friend
cutting out North America - American Prairie
Australia -  Aboriginal song, ready to be soldered


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