The grey walls

Spring break is coming and I get to visit my Mom in Colorado. She has moved into a new place and I get to help her decorate. So far she has grey walls. That's all I know. I'm excited to do some fun things with those walls. Pinterest is full of ideas for grey walls. So far I want to put some black and white family photos in frames. (a black frame with a white mat I think) This seems like a good start. Here are a couple of choices.

Then I would love to get some color on the walls with an abstract painting. I wonder if she will like that? We can browse through some galleries, second hand stores and  antique shops. How about some some pretty pillows? I'm thinking teal. I wonder if she has a new sofa?  She loves colorful Mexican pottery, so it would be beautiful to put her collection on a shelf in the kitchen. For a crowning touch there should be stained glass somewhere, of course. I may have to plan another trip!


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