5 Steps To A Productive Week

This week I have been pushing myself (and David) to really intensify our attention on our business. There are a few things I've learned that might be of help to others on their artistic journey as well.

     1, Don't sleep in just because you don't have to punch a time clock. Treat your home business with respect. We have had morning planning meetings along with a spiritual thought and a kiss. (that's optional for you)

     2. Take pictures. I'm a visual and tactical learner. If I know I'm recording my accomplishments I darn well better be doing something photo worthy. No way is a picture of us watching TV going to go in my photo journal. Also, if I know there might be photo ops, I'm more likely to get dolled up in the morning just in case.

     3. Have a living chart. We charted our "next step" in 7 different areas and split up the responsibilities. Every evening this week we have checked off the things we accomplished and that feels pretty good. It changes with the goals we add and subtract.

     4. Work hard and make time for fun. Even though we had a great week of work, we welcomed our grandson home from Taiwan, celebrated our son's birthday, had a lunch date with friends and tonight is our Music and Glass Art at the A-Frame show. We will be sharing the stage with Cherie Call. This will be a perfect reward for a week of business effort.

    5, Be consistent. This is a lesson in the making. However, I am excited and this week has me feeling encouraged.

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