We went to a lovely French dinner the other night. From my strawberry-blond new hair color to my borrowed  4 inch heels, I felt like a princess. The evening was enchanting. The next day I served guests at the Hines Mansion B&B and ushered patrons at an opera at the Covey Center for the Arts. Then I immersed myself in an abundance Yoga workshop at Bodhi Yoga. That day was invigorating. The balance came with being served and serving. The first day my friends helped me with a dress, jewels, lashes, shoes, nails and my daughter helped me with hair and make-up. I was pampered and felt important. The second day I served my guests breakfast and cleaned their rooms. I thoroughly enjoyed  our breakfast  conversation. I served my patrons at the opera by welcoming them, helping them find their seats and treating them like I would want to be treated. Hopefully they felt pampered and important. Which day was my favorite? I think you already guessed, they were both perfect. The balance of being treated with love and showing love was the epitome of abundance, which was re-enforced by my yoga workshop.  To top it off it was my son's 40th birthday. He is my rock and my love for him is eternal. There is a whole and abundant circle of balance here. It is what it is. And it's perfect.
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