Beginner's Mind

This week-end as my yoga class began, I focused on my intentions.First I dedicated my practice to my sister-in-law who was getting married that day. Second I thought of a word or phrase for my own intention. True Essence. I was extending, reaching for edges and enjoying myself when I heard a tearing or pulling away sound in my lower back, then a sharp pain followed. I sunk slowly to my knees from a warrior pose. I gingerly attempted to continue the Bodhi Flow but ended up resting in child's pose. The thought came to my mind that sometimes I am over extending and expecting too much of myself. This small injury is forcing me to step back and slow down. Through the rest of the day I took notes and paid attention to the Teacher Training lessons. Not being able to do all the poses I watched for details as Syl and the others practiced. I have been placed in the situation of starting over, trying each pose as if it was the first time to avoid further injury. Not only during yoga but after class I was slowing down in other areas. I was noticing, learning, feeling gratitude, taking care of my pulled muscle. As my back heals I hope I will continue to notice the little moments of contemplation and appreciate the little acts of kindness. Soon I will be pushing edges again but I hope I won't lose the beginner's mind as I practice yoga and life. As Syl says " Live the lesson I am learning". Any thoughts?

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