We are all Stardust

I have been fascinated to attend an Earth Science class at Independence High school as a tracker. The gifted and brilliant science teacher inspires his class with facts about astronomy. Did you know that we are all made of stardust? The star is born in a Nebula, which spirals out and forms planets. The same elements that are in the stars are in the planets and in all things, including us. I just had to do something to express my appreciation for the motivating way he teaches his class so I made some little fused stars for him to give his students at the end of the astronomy unit. The stars are fused, just like the elements. It is a reminder to the kids that they are stars and may as well reach for the sky. I believe that God devised this beautiful symphony of creation using science as the "How it was done". My hat goes off to all the great teachers who enthusiastically go the extra mile.


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